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BSG Meeting in Loughborough in 2019 and 2021











The workshops took place in 2019 and 2021 and were sponsored by the British Society for Geomorphology. The 2021 meeting took place virtually with themes that were decided upon following the discussions that took place during the first meeting. The content on Wednesday 19th May was devoted to instrumentation and bedforms, while Thursday 20th May was divided into a morning session on biotic processes in geomorphology, a lunchtime keynote by Prof. David Furbish from Vanderbilt University and then a series of presentations in the afternoon on more theoretical aspects of nonequilibrium geomorphology.

The timetable for May 20th 2021 proceeded as follows (click on the talk title hyperlink for a copy of the slides):

Morning Session on Impact of biotic components on system (non-)equilibrium morphology and dynamics

The morning session consisted of a mixture of workshops, introductory presentations and extended talks. The talks were:


Keynote by Prof. David Furbish:


Afternoon Session on Representation of nonlinear, non-equilibrium and non-local flow processes in geomorphic systems and networks


The 2019 meeting consisted of four extended presentations and a number of shorter talks from colleagues at Durham, Huddersfield, Hull, Loughborough and Southampton Universities. The four extended presentations were (the hyperlink for a given title connects to their abstract)